Aryan Invasion Theory or Aryan Migration Theory - myth, history or politics?

Started on 2018-03-26 17:43:26 by Neel Kamal

OP's Perspective

The Aryan Invasion theory was first propounded when linguistic similarities between Sanskrit and the major European languages were discovered by European scholars during the colonial era.

ts central thesis has three main components:

  1. India’s original inhabitants were “dark-skinned” Dravidians, who built a peaceful highly developed, near-utopian urban civilization in western India and present-day Pakistan: the so-called Harappan or Indus valley civilization.
  1. India was invaded and conquered from the West by a nomadic people called the Indo-Aryans around 1500 BCE. These Indo-Aryans were of European origin (hence white-skinned), and spoke Vedic Sanskrit. They destroyed the indigenous Dravidian civilization, subjugated the natives, and forced them to migrate to India’s South.
  1. The Indo-Aryans then composed the Vedas, and imposed Hinduism and the caste system upon the hapless Dravidians and other indigenous people of India.