Hadi Rani of Salumber, Mewar a legendary queen, who sacrificed herself for duty and cause.

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Hadi Rani inspired her wavering husband to fulfill his duty by going to the battlefield and to save Mewar by sacrificing her head to her husband as a departing gift. 

If some women in our country have taken command in the battlefield then there are many who have given unique introduction to their world by their own strength and courage. The women of Rajasthan has always been famous for their extra-ordinary courage. They have always been ready to sacrifice their life for honour or for their motherland. One of them is Hadi Rani of Salumber, Mewar a legendary queen, who sacrificed herself for duty and cause.

Hada Rani was the daughter of Hada Rajput who beloged to Bundi state. She was married to Rawat Chundawat, Chieftain of Salumbar, Mewar. She had sacrificed herself for the cause of motherland and to motivate her husband to go to the War.

During a battle between Maharana Raj Singh I (1653–1680) of Mewar and Aurangzeb, Maharaja called her husband Rawat Chunawat for help. But the chieftain was hesitant about going into battle as he was married only a few days ago. However, Rajput honour being what it is, he had to join the battle. He asked his wife Hadi Rani for some memento to take with him to the battlefield.

Thinking that she was an obstacle to her husband's duty for Mewar, she cut off her head and put it on a plate. A servant covered it with a cloth and presented it to her husband.

On seeing the head of his beloved queen Rawat Chunawat was shattered but then he tied the her head proudly as a memento around his neck by its hair. Wearing a 'Kesariya Bana', which is a signature of fighting till death he fought bravely in the battlefield and made the Aurangzeb forces to run.

But even after the victory he refused to leave the battlefield. Having lost interest in living after Hadi Rani and he sacrifice he got down on his kness and cut his neck .

To give honor to brave Hadi Rani, baori is built in her name in Toda Rai Singh, in the Tonk district. Baori also called Stepwells or bawdi, or vaav. 

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